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Course TypeCourse CodeNo. Of Credits
Foundation ElectiveSCC2FS2064

Semester and Year Offered: Winter

Course Coordinator and Team: R.V. Ramani

Email of course coordinator:

Pre-requisites: None

Who can be admitted to this course?

It is open for all the students of MA, M.Phil and PhD courses from AUD. Seats are limited.

Course Details:

The Elective, is largely a practical based course. It will initiate students to various nuances in filmmaking, to identify their instincts and aesthetics for expressing themselves and discovering a form for themselves with a sense of self reflectivity. Various exercises are given for the students to understand explore concepts, ideas of shot, sequence, structure, composition, exposure, space dynamics, mood, emotion, cinematic experiences of time, ideas of continuity, lensing, concepts of lighting, visual grammar and vocabulary. Students will conceive and execute these exercises individually and collectively, which will be analyzed in the class. Ideas of characterization, mis-en-scene, choreography, perspectives, attitudes, empathy, consents and intimacy in filmmaking and various other approaches to filmmaking will be explored. Video editing will be taught using professional editing software and students will start editing their exercises on their own laptops. Aspects of synch shooting and post-production audio techniques will be discussed and appropriate exercises will be introduced to understand various factors that go into sound design in films. The course also includes screening of films from various genres and discussions with invited filmmakers and guest faculties. Students will do a series of individual and collective exercises in the course.

Course Timings:

The classes will held on Monday or Tuesday 2 PM to 4 PM and Saturdays 2 PM to 6 PM. Check final timetable. Apart from this there will be special class on Saturdays 10am to 2 PM, Sundays 10 am to 6PM and some holidays. Special classes will be discussed and intimated 3 days in advance.

When is the first class?

The first class will be on Saturday 18th January at 2 PM to 6 PM, in CR 10. Students will undertake a small test/exercise, for the course faculty to decide on the total intake for the course. For the first class, students must bring their Mobile phone cameras, to shoot few stills and short videos and some loose sheet to write on. The final list of students selected will be announced by Wednesday 22nd January.


Students who wants to opt for this Elective must register themselves with SCCE, Mr. Pottty, Administration, before 17th January. They will also write to RV Ramani, Course Coordinator, confirming their registration. His Mobile no is 9840157606. Email: Website:


The design of the course is collective, experimental and largely evolves through discussions and depending on the constitution of the class, concerns and the aspirations of the students. Special emphasis of this Course will be to help students identify and arrive at personal expressions, develop a strong sense of critique and self-reflection in their application, and thus reshaping practice and the use of cinematic tools. Appropriate reference material will be suggested.

Assessment structure

The assessments will be continuous, based on the overall participation, the learning graph, contribution, process and expressions of the students in the various exercises.