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Course TypeCourse CodeNo. Of Credits
Foundation CoreSCC2LA4008

Semester and Year Offered: Winter, 4th Semester

Course Coordinator and Team: Dr. Akhil Katyal, Dr. Anita Cherian, Belinder Dhanoa

Email of course coordinator: akhilkatyal[at]aud[dot]ac[dot]in

Pre-requisites: None

Course Objectives/Description:

The purpose of this course is to make the students think self-reflectively and critically at their own creative writing, which they have accomplished through the first three semesters of the M.A. Literary Art Creative Writing programme and which they are in the process of finalizing in the fourth semester. The idea is to make the students locate their own writings, in terms of social, cultural, intellectual, political and writerly contexts. Through this course, the students’ academic and creative interests are sought to be merged through a long-form piece of writing, which is creative (10,000 words) and academic/critical (10,000 words) in equal measure.

Course outcomes:

On successful completion of this course, the student should demonstrate following abilities:

  • Critical Thinking and Analytic Reasoning: The student should be able to think critically through their chosen dissertation material/archive/subject and elaborate an argument through deftly analysing evidence, including of their own creative writing.
  • Self-Reflective Thinking: Students should be able to critically reflect on their own creative writing work during their M.A. and contextualize it in terms of its socio-cultural location, intellectual and writerly legacies and political framings.
  • Long-Form Writing: Students should be adept at long-form academic style of writing, with ability to provide complete bibliographic information, notes and citations.
  • Research Related Skills and Self-Learning: Students should be able to choose their area of interest and explore the multiplicity of archives, including their own writing, which can be studied in relation to this area of interest.
  • Module based descriptions and readings:
  • These are individually designed and therefore, do not have a specific set of modules. Rather, individual reading lists are designed in consultation with the supervisor, depending upon the genre/style of creative writing, research problematic, thematic interests, and methods adopted for the students’ dissertation.

Assessment Details with weights:

  • The dissertation of the M.A. Literary Art Creative Writing programme, as a practice programme, has three components:
  • Critical/Academic Essay (10,000 words)
  • A Piece of Creative Writing as Appendix (10,000 words)
  • End-Semester Viva-Voce
  • The three together constitute 100 percent of the dissertation grade.


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